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WALLPAPER is a DIY zine and reading series dedicated to exposing all genres of art, specifically work that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

Birthed from The Antarctican, a zine founded in Chicago with a similar mission, Wallpaper is a platform for people to share work that they feel passionately about. Work that gives them a chill down their spine. Work that has changed them, or others. We want to bring light to those stories, those creations, that tend to stay in the background, covered up by your grandmother’s couch, or a big screen TV.

We accept everything, from haiku’s to collages to short stories to illustrations. Send us your work and a short bio to submit. If you don’t live too far from Bellingham, WA, and you’re interested in performing at an event, let us know in your email and we can add you to our list of performers. We plan to have every issue accessible via our website, but there will also be a limited edition print issue available at each event, and to those who are featured.

If you believe in your work, the work of others, and the future of art itself, please submit, spread the word, and join the Wallpaper community.