I Am My Own Gimmick 01


GRAYSON MILLER - I am my own gimmick 01 - wallpaper2


I Am My Own Gimmick 02


GRAYSON MILLER - I am my own gimmick 02 - wallpaper2






Baile de la Iguana


JESSICAN ROMAN - Baile de la Iguana - wallpaper2



Dos Vidas Separadas


JESSICA ROMAN -Dos Vidas Separadas - wallpaper2



Jessica Roman is a Chicago native who works in a variety of mediums from film photography, watercolor painting and printmaking. She is currently working on her yearly Inktober contributions which can be found on her instagram Kimini100.







Portrait 4


MICHELLE GOLDCHAIN - portrait 4 - wallpaper2



There is no one art style for Washington, D.C.-based artist Michelle Goldchain. Her themes—like her mediums—vary. From the political to the psychological to the eccentric, Michelle’s paintings, installations, and graphic design projects touch a myriad of topics, colors, and textures. Through her works, she dares to express her more playful side through vibrant colors and textures as well as her darker side through less pleasant themes, such as serial killers and cigarette usage.
Michelle Goldchain’s artworks have been showcased in California’s Museum of International Propaganda, New York’s Rochester Contemporary Art Center and Grady Alexis Gallery, and Washington, D.C.’s Rhizome Gallery, Fondo Del Sol Visual Arts Center, and Pepco Edison Place Gallery.









SAVANNAH LECORNU - gáwgaa - wallpaper2






SAVANNAH LECORNU - nch'i-wana - wallpaper2


Savannah LeCornu is an Alaskan Native American. She is part of the Tsimshian, Haida, Tlingit, and Nez Perce tribes. She is also First Nations Nisga’a and part of the Wolf Clan.
The art style used by many Coastal tribes is often called Northwest formline. Savannah is a self taught artist and has been working with formline for about ten years now. She works in this medium to stay close to her cultural identity, to help preserve it for future generations, and to provide the community with affordable art that reflects a diverse heritage.
Savannah is originally from Ketchikan, Alaska but currently resides in Bellingham, Washington with her husband Charley and their cat Spaghetti. She also works as a Stage Hand at Mount Baker Theatre and a Lighting Designer for various theaters in the Bellingham area.







A Lot On My Mind


KYLE BACHMAN - a lot on my mind - wallpaper2



You’ve fallen off the grid…


KYLE BACHMAN - you've fallen off the grid - wallpaper2



Kyle Parker is a self taught illustrator originally from Detroit, Michigan but currently resides in Chicago, IL.  His inspiration draws from everyday life but through a LGBTQ+ lens.  He uses materials that are easily available, and therefore refers to his work as “queer Folkart”.










Tad Beavers is a Northwesterner by birth but not by nature. Removed at a young age, he returned after University to pursue the arts, the outdoors, and the indoors. A photographer and videographer, his short films have been featured in Bleedingham (Winner Best Film, Best Editing), Portland Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, Crypticon, Video Nasty, Cineshift, San Antonio Fantastic Film Slam, Bellingham Music Film Festival, Queen City Film Festival, and Northwest Heat. His photography has been featured in various publications throughout the Northwest. You can find more of his work at or on Instagram @tad.beavers.





Then I Found You



Then I Had You


ANNIE STAUFFER2 - wallpaper2






Chrysaora Fuscescens


YAZZIE - Chrysaora fuscescens - wallpaper2



Octopus Vulgaris


YAZZIE3 - octopus vulgaris - wallpaper2


They say that the courage to create is the foundation of all courage: in this, Thayne is fearless. He’s less an alchemist -who stands outside the process- than the crucible itself, from which a marvel of creation comes again and again. Or maybe he’s the phoenix, that bird originating -like Thayne- in a desert, and rising artistically from the ashes of what he’s already done, reinventing himself in fire, with all the heat and risk that suggests. Like Whitman, Thayne understands how to ‘sing the body electric.’ He encounters life with intensity, through writing and multimedia storytelling; filming; painting and design; music-making and music production. However, the creative process is never just a question of fire: to make an idea manifest in the world requires effort and the discipline of craft. Thayne’s dedication is remarkable. He takes into himself the raw materials of encounter -words, nightmares, windmills- even human breath- and discovers there an art that’s alive -almost fierce- with darkness and exuberance. His work brings us the flame.









CHRISTINE STODDARD - insecurity [color] - wallpaper2



Christine Stoddard is a writer, artist, and the founding editor of Quail Bell Magazine. She is also a Puffin Foundation grantee, Artbridge competition winner, Library of Virginia REMIX “People’s Choice” artist, former Annmarie Sculpture Garden visiting artist, and current City College of New York Connor Art Fellow









JIM ZOLA5 - wallpaper2



Jim Zola has worked in a warehouse, as a security guard, in a bookstore, as a teacher for Deaf children, as a toy designer for Fisher Price, and currently as a children’s librarian. With poems and photographs appearing in many journals through the years, his publications include a chapbook — The One Hundred Bones of Weather (Blue Pitcher Press) — and a full length poetry collection — What Glorious Possibilities (Aldrich Press). He currently lives in Greensboro, NC